Hola Unblocker lets you access Hulu, Pandora, Netflix & more from any country

Hola Unblocker is a new service which enables you to access Hulu, Pandora, Netflix, CBS, Fox, BBC iPlayer TV, and iTV from any country. The best thing about Hola is that it is just a plugin which can be added to either Firefox or Chrome. There is also a standalone version of the software which can be used on Windows PCs.

Update: If you need more solid, 100% working method, read this post: Build your own VPN for less than $2 per month

Update 2: If you need a FREE alternative, try Media Hint which is also a browser plugin.

Update 3: Hola says: “Our service today for Hulu is unstable. We are working to fix this, and will notify on our Twitter (Follow us here) and on our Facebook (Like us here) once we are up again. We hope this service will be back in a day or two. All other services are working.”

It’s an ad-free, free service and they promise to keep it free in the future too. Since it is not a VPN or do any tunneling, there is no slowdowns and videos buffer less than usual which is good too.

Hola - Splash

As mentioned on their website, Hola cache content securely when people access them using Hola Accelerator (“using a combination of patented technologies – caching, multiple sources, compression, P2P protocols and other technologies”). It later servers the cached copy rather than the original. This means if you are a US resident who’ve watched an episode of Vampire Diaries using Hola Accelerator, Hola caches it (audio/video) and servers it to Hola Unblocker users. Since they see a cached version and not requests the original content, no restrictions would be applied whatsoever.

To test out the plugin, I’ve installed it on Chrome and visited a site I’ve always wanted to check out, which is Hulu. As promised, the plugin Hola works perfectly and I can watch everything on Hulu without the usual restrictions.

Hola - Browsing Hulu

If you are interested as I was, here are the links to download Hola Unblocker. Have fun!

Hola for Firefox

Hola for Chrome

Hold for Windows

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7 Responses to “Hola Unblocker lets you access Hulu, Pandora, Netflix & more from any country”

  1. [...] country. The Unblocker is a plug-in that can be added to Firefox or Chrome. There’s also a standalone┬áversion of the software that can be used on Windows-based [...]

  2. tim says:

    Thank you for the plugin, it’s working very well (BBC iPlayer).

    May I request a two more sites?

    1) http://www.pluzz.fr (only for French IP numbers)

    2) http://www.zattoo.com (a Swiss IP number would be the best).

    Very grateful,


  3. Remi says:

    Wish it worked for BBC iPlayer. It works for Netflix though.

  4. Soki Briggs says:

    There’s another method which only requires me to type a different DNS server into my iPhone hotspot. i’m looking for that DNS IP. do u know it?

  5. Jackson Jay says:

    Thanks for the article. VPN is good if you want to hide your real location. However, about content streaming, I prefer the DNS option. Currently, I am using UnoTelly and have no speed loss which allows me HD streaming with my 10mbps connection.

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