Build your own VPN for less than $2 per month

Even though the internet is free and open, there are limitations here and there that prevents you from accessing certain information. These can be due to ISPs that are blocking access to certain websites or websites themselves due to Copyright and Distribution laws that prevent certain geographical locations from accessing.

The most popular way to get around this is by using proxies that tunnels your web traffic through another geo-located server. Another way would be using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Few disadvantages of these methods are that these are shared with multiple users and you cannot be sure whether another party is looking at what you are browsing.

What if you can build a dedicated VPN for yourself, for a very few cost? You can have dedicated access to resources and it’s more secure than using a shared tunnel by doing that. So let me explain how you can do just that.


  • A VPS (Virtual Private Server)
  • OpenVPN server
  • OpenVPS client

So let’s begin!


1. Buy a VPS

Since the target is to build a VPN for less that $2/mo, there are few options here. The best possible option would be using BuyVM‘s servers. There are few reason to do so.

  • BuyVM’s smallest plan costs only $15 per year.
  • It has 128MB RAM and 500GB Bandwidth
  • They offer a dedicated IP.
  • 2 locations to choose from.
  • They’ve got OpenVPN OS images that are fully configured.

The toughest thing to do is buying a VPS from BuyVM. Their stocks are very limited so you’d need to keep you eye about stocks by visiting here. The minute there are stocks, go ahead and buy the smallest VPS plan. It’ll take upto 24 hours to get the server ready and you’ll be notified once it’s done.


2. Install OpenVPN server

SolusVM - Re-install OS

Once your server is ready, access the server control panel which is located at Once you are there, click on the hostname you’ve put while ordering the server, and then click ‘Re-install OS’. Since we need to install OpenVPN, click on ‘Appliances’ and from there choose ‘OpenVPN AS’. Once it’s selected, scroll down to the end of the page and click on the ‘Reinstall’ button.

SolusVM - OpenVPN

The installation will take few minutes and once it’s done, you’ll receive instructions about accessing it. The admin path of your OpenVPN installation would be your_ip:943/admin.


3. Install OpenVPN client

To access your VPN server, you need to have a client software installed. You can click here and download the OpenVPN client from their official website.

OpenVPN Client

Once you’ve installed it, open the client, enter your server’s IP and click Connect. When you are prompted to enter Username and Password, enter those as well and click Login. Default Username/Password would be openvpn/openvpn. Within few seconds, your web traffic would be tunneled through your brand new, private VPN and you’ll be able to access websites and content you thought you’d never get the chance!


That’s all folks! :)



I am a self-taught PHP web developer, currently working part-time and freelancing.

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  1. Silva says:

    I love this tutorial, please, I would like to create a VPN, that would enable Nigerian Users browse FREE on available Mobile Networks.

    You must have heard of “Tweakware VPN”, I want something just like that, and I would like to pay, if You can teach me how to build a VPN exactly like Tweakware VPN.

    Visit for what I mean.


  2. Ahmed says:

    Very good article. Thanks for the idea!

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